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Matters dealing with networks are now global concern and it is imperative that you have a good understanding on your network utilization and how you can enhance them for performance. At Telephone Wire Guys, we specialize in giving you accurate and reliable network services so that you understand the functioning of all your systems at home. With the results of the audit, you can go ahead and implement various adjustments to enhance your efficiency with regards to performance. Call us now at 888-235-2147 if you need reliable telephone wire services.


Fast service delivery

Telephone Wire Guys prides itself in offering fast services to her clients. We understand the effects of having poor telephone wire. This is why we are very prompt should you seek our services and we will always respond in the shortest time possible. Try us today and enjoy faster service delivery.


Great customer experience

At Telephone Wire Guys part of the success we have managed to get due to our telephone wire services comes from our ability to accompany our services with superior customer services. We are able to keenly listen to all our customers and attend to all their needs just as they wish. This has always been part of our traditions here at the company hence when you deal with us, expect nothing but absolute customer care to meet all your needs. Call us today at 888-235-2147 and enjoy our superior customer care services.

Call us on 888-235-2147 for our efficient services today.

Telephone Wire inspection

Take advantage of our telephone wire inspection so that you get an in depth analysis of the property you wish to buy or on your current homes. With our services, we are able to identify the total amount of bandwidth that will be utilized with the property in addition to coming up with measurers to reduce on the bandwidth usage. If not checked, homes are the main consumers of power and this does nothing by inflate the bills for not reason. Call Telephone Wire Guys at 888-235-2147 for an efficient telephone wire.

Education on telephone wire

As professionals, Telephone Wire Guys takes great pride in teaching you about your bandwidth usage and the factors you need to consider in ensuring that you reduce the cost of network at home. We will help you understand the most probable areas on where you lose more reliability and show you the appropriate remedies you need to take to prevent further loss. As you can see therefore, ours is not to offer just network assessment services but also useful education about the proper use of the telephone wire services.

Services available all through the year

Unlike other companies, Telephone Wire Guys is available to serve you all the year round. We will not wait to come to your premises when your networks are completely down but we prefer to bring our services to you on regular basis as this will ensure the proper functioning of every system component. With our assistance, you will be able to detect failures long before they occur so that you take the necessary measures to avert them in good time. In this manner, there will be no service interruption of whatever nature.

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